Ethnocentrism Definition Ethnocentrism is the tendency to view the world through the lens of one’s own culture. That is, individuals tend to judge others’ behaviors, customs, beliefs, and attitudes by their own cultural standards. The phenomenon of ethnocentrism is believed to occur largely because individuals have the greatest awareness and information about their own culture,… Continue reading Ethnocentrism

Erotic Plasticity

Erotic Plasticity Definition Erotic plasticity refers to the degree to which the sex drive is shaped by social, cultural, and situational factors. The sex drive refers to the motivation (desire) to have sex. High plasticity indicates that the person’s sexual desires are strongly influenced by social and cultural factors (including meaningful aspects of the immediate… Continue reading Erotic Plasticity

Culture-Bound Disorders

Psychological disorders considered specific to particular ethnocultural groups because of distinct cultural factors influencing the etiology, meaning, expression, and for treatment of the disorder are referred to as culture-bound activities. The term is used in contrast to those psychological disorders considered to be “universal.” In its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), the… Continue reading Culture-Bound Disorders

Culture Shock

Some of the earliest records of human culture describe people traveling to foreign lands for trade or conquest. Today people travel in order to find work, to study or teach. They make brief trips (e.g., for vacations) or settle permanently in a country other than their own. Such travel inevitably involves personal contact between culturally… Continue reading Culture Shock

Culture of Honor

Culture of Honor Definition A culture of honor is a culture in which a person (usually a man) feels obliged to protect his or her reputation by answering insults, affronts, and threats, oftentimes through the use of violence. Cultures of honor have been independently invented many times across the world. Three well-known examples of cultures… Continue reading Culture of Honor