Value Pluralism Model

Value Pluralism Model Definition What happens when two or more values come into conflict? What will determine the level of conflict a person experiences, and how will the person go about resolving it? The value pluralism model (VPM) addresses these questions. The VPM, in its original form, consists of three interrelated sets of propositions: Underlying… Continue reading Value Pluralism Model

Three-Dimensional Model of Attribution

Three-Dimensional Model of Attribution Definition The three-dimensional model of attribution posits that the explanations people give for the things that happen to them can vary on three distinct factors, and these variations have consequences for people’s mood, self-perception, and well-being. Attributions can be stable (true across time) or unstable (temporary); they can be internal (stemming… Continue reading Three-Dimensional Model of Attribution

Thin Slices of Behavior

Thin Slices of Behavior Definition Thin slices of behavior is a term coined by Nalini Ambady and Robert Rosenthal in their study examining the accurate judgments of teacher effectiveness. They discovered that very brief (10-second and even 2-second) clips of dynamic silent video clips provided sufficient information for naive raters to evaluate a teacher’s effectiveness… Continue reading Thin Slices of Behavior

Subliminal Perception

The term subliminal is derived from the terms sub (below) and limen (threshold), and it refers to perception so subtle it cannot reach conscious awareness. Most of the research on subliminal perception is done on visual subliminal perception. For instance, one can flash words or pictures so quickly on a computer screen (generally faster than… Continue reading Subliminal Perception

Spontaneous Trait Inferences

Spontaneous Trait Inferences Definition The notion of spontaneous trait inferences (STIs) refers to a frequently demonstrated empirical finding. Observing behaviors or reading behavior descriptions gives rise to immediate trait inferences, beyond the actually given information. Thus, somebody who steps on a partner’s feet on the dance floor elicits the inference clumsy. Witnessing a student succeeding… Continue reading Spontaneous Trait Inferences