Researching Psychological Matters

In addition to researching the legal system and its functioning, psychologists conduct research on a multitude of psychological factors or phenomena that are of particular interest to the legal system. Some of these areas of inquiry are discussed next. Researching Psychological Phenomena Some psychological phenomena are of particular interest to the legal system given their… Continue reading Researching Psychological Matters

Assisting Litigants

With respect to assisting litigants and others in the legal system, psychologists act in quasi-judicial capacities and also provide therapeutic services. Quasi-Judicial Roles Over the past quarter of a century, psychologists have become increasingly involved in a number of activities in which they serve as decision makers for persons involved in the legal process. Psychologists’… Continue reading Assisting Litigants

Assisting Legal Actors

Given that forensic psychology involves the application of psychology to the legal system, it is not surprising that much of the work of forensic psychologists involves assisting specific legal actors. In this section, we discuss the different ways in which forensic psychologists may assist law enforcement agencies, attorneys, litigants, and others. Assisting Law Enforcement Within… Continue reading Assisting Legal Actors

Assisting the Legal System

Forensic psychology assists the legal system in a number of ways including providing expert testimony in legal, administrative, and legislative proceedings; conducting and testifying about research conducted in anticipation of litigation; testifying about research not conducted in connection with litigation but that is nonetheless relevant; and researching the legal system’s operation. Informing Decision Makers in… Continue reading Assisting the Legal System

Forensic Psychology. Definition

There is no consensual definition of forensic psychology. Perhaps it is surprising, given the relatively long history and growth of forensic psychology over the past 40 years, that there is no uniform or consensual definition for this specialty area, and most differences involve how narrowly or broadly the field is defined. Definitions range from expansive… Continue reading Forensic Psychology. Definition