Hot Flashes

The hot flash is a sudden sensation of heat typically experienced by women during their menopausal years, although they have been reported among young women during various phases of the menstrual cycle. Flashes (also called flushes) are the most common complaint of women in the menopause transition. The heat sensation generally begins in the chest… Continue reading Hot Flashes


Hormones are chemical substances that are produced, stored, and released into the bloodstream by secretory structures (glands) of the endocrine system. The endocrine system, in turn, is designed to modulate various body functions, including digestion, metabolism, growth and development, reproduction, and response to stress and injury. Hormones are released by specific glands, move through the… Continue reading Hormones

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) is a physician-prescribed program of treatment for women who are  experiencing  hormonal  imbalances,  during  or after the occurrence of menopause. It usually refers to supplementing the body with the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which naturally decline during menopause, to treat the symptoms that follow. Estrogen is produced by the ovaries along with… Continue reading Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fine Motor Development

One cannot help but marvel at the accomplishments of a skilled pianist, athlete, or craftsman. Even those without exceptional proficiencies display remarkable abilities for fine motor control. As I am typing,  my  fingers  are  moving  rapidly  in  varying order and with remarkable spatial and temporal precision. We all perform everyday tasks, such as tying our… Continue reading Fine Motor Development