Resource Rooms

Resource Rooms in the realm of school psychology serve as essential spaces dedicated to supporting students with diverse learning needs. This article offers a comprehensive examination of Resource Rooms, beginning with their historical evolution and fundamental objectives. It delves into the various models and approaches used within these spaces, highlighting their roles in inclusive education.… Continue reading Resource Rooms

Multidisciplinary Teams

Multidisciplinary teams in the realm of school psychology are a vital component of providing comprehensive support and education for diverse student populations. This article delves into the formation and composition of these teams, highlighting the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the roles of various professionals involved. It explores the multifaceted role of these teams, from… Continue reading Multidisciplinary Teams

Manifestation Determination

This article provides a comprehensive examination of Manifestation Determination within the realm of school psychology. It delves into the significance of this process, rooted in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), by elucidating its fundamental components and procedures. Particular attention is given to the multifaceted roles of various stakeholders, the data-driven decision-making process, and… Continue reading Manifestation Determination


This article on mainstreaming in school psychology is an in-depth exploration of the practice of mainstreaming, a pivotal approach aimed at the inclusion of students with disabilities in regular educational settings. The article provides a comprehensive overview, delving into the historical context and the legal framework underpinning mainstreaming. It discusses the various inclusion models and… Continue reading Mainstreaming

Least Restrictive Environment

The concept of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) is a foundational principle in the field of school psychology and special education, embodying the idea that students with disabilities should be educated alongside their non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible. This article explores LRE’s historical context, legal foundations, principles for determining placement, and the challenges… Continue reading Least Restrictive Environment